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Why PEN?

Icon Skilled Worker Shortage

The shortage of skilled workers in German-speaking countries is a real phenomenon. There are currently more than 780,000 vacancies to be filled in Germany alone (source: Statista, as of Dec. 2022).


Many of these positions have been vacant for months - and it seems as if people are cutting their teeth trying to fill them. It's also possible that each additional impending departure is already causing sweaty palms among business owners or in the HR department.

Icon growth

PEN Personalgewinnung GmbH ensures that your company only has a weary smile left for the "spectre" of a shortage of skilled workers. We bring companies together with employees who are a perfect professional and personal fit.

WIN-WIN-WIN - Our mission is clear

The deepest drive for our company is to create WIN-WIN-WIN situations that make everyone involved happier and more successful. Be it the entrepreneurs / managing directors, the people in the HR department, the new employees who find a company that really suits them and the existing teams who are relieved and get new great colleagues.

However, one thing is important to understand for these WIN-WIN-WIN situations: Yes, it is possible to hire 5 new employees after just two or three weeks using the PEN principle. We have experienced all of that.

But as a rule, this is not a finger-snapping process. And that is not our goal at all. Of course, we help acutely to fill all existing vacancies - but at the same time it is also about effective recruiting systems as well as attractive employer branding for the next 3 or 5 years.

We therefore work only with companies that ...

Icon development


Take time for your own development

Icon questioning


are willing to question existing structures

Icon change


not afraid to break new & modern ground

Icon Employee Orientation

Employee Orientation

already think in terms of employees, but want to increase their attractiveness even further

Icon Brand


want to communicate their existing attractiveness much better to the outside world

Icon Pioneer Roll

Pioneering role

want to take on a pioneering role in their region

PEN exclusivity

We can only accept one partner per region (PEN exclusivity). In the meantime, the requests far exceed the freely available regions.

The growth of PEN partners in the respective regions:

Through our PEN account managers throughout Germany, we can get a picture on site and know our way around in all regions through empirical values from implemented customer projects (with up to 650 employees).

If your region is still available, we recommend that we explore whether a partnership is an option for both parties during a no-obligation 90-minute recruiting workshop:

We are not headhunters who want to fill new positions as quickly and lucratively as possible - but often leave scorched earth behind ...

For this reason, we are primarily interested in long-term partnerships.

PEN principle? What does that actually mean?

PEN recruitment drawing area

PEN principle? What does that actually mean?

Icon pinpoint


With modern visibility strategies, you can find potential employees who will take notice of your offer. The big advantage: You appear on the radar not only of active job seekers, but also of candidates who are latently willing to change jobs.



Thanks to authentic employer branding, modern application psychology and the PEN personality profiling, you present yourself as an attractive employer that creates a pull effect for suitable skilled workers


The "N" in PEN stands for a) systems that will massively increase application numbers for years to come and b) an employer brand and structures that will bind top employees to the company in the long term.

Holistic optimization:
The PEN principle is a 360-degree approach

Icon Employer Branding

Detailed employer branding workshop with employer value proposition

Icon image

Authentic videos, images & texts (never again the danger of empty phrases)

Icon Attrractive

Measures to increase attractiveness as an employer

Icon Social Media

Social media visibility (omnipresence)

Icon career page

Career site (incl. automation of the applicant pipeline)

Icon address

Addressing (in combination with PEN Personality Profiling)

Icon application

Simple & effective application processes

Icon Expert Calls

Expert Talks (Special Live Calls with experts we invite)

Icon network

A large network of entrepreneurs & HR managers

Icon Live Seminars

On-site live seminars

Our promise


More attractiveness


but authentic


More visibility


but simple


more growth


but joyful

Successful employer branding does not mean bending. The principle of PEN is, of course, to turn certain screws. However, the most important thing is always to work out the authentic core of a company - this is the only way to attract suitable professionals who really fit - in other words, with whom you will be happy and who will be happy with you.

We present the employer brand on various channels. Our processes, templates and automations make this step easier than you might imagine.

And at the end of the day, the goal is of course growth - but always in line with the values of our own company. We think and act with people in mind - because where joy is lost, the greatest growth makes no sense.

You want to test without obligation whether we are the right ones to keep our promise?

All the advantages of working with PEN at a glance:


Quickly fill open positions with A-players

Better atmosphere in the entire team (many report a new "we-feeling")
Higher productivity
Lower fluctuation
Icon Knowledge

Certainty and peace of mind that you can ALWAYS find the right new employees

Icon money saving
Less money burned by non-functioning methods, hiring employees who don't fit after all, etc.

This is what companies that already work with us say:

Interested in a collaboration that creates sustainable success in recruiting?

With us, you will find and retain A-players who will truly advance your company and enrich your teams.

To guarantee the best possible success, we choose our partners carefully. We offer the same to you when you get your first impression of PEN.

We want it to be the best fit from both sides. In terms of content and of course also in terms of the famous gut feeling (the chemistry must be right).

So get to know us in detail - in the form of a free 90-minute employee recruitment workshop with our consultant.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our expert Christoph Hunger by mail or phone.

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